Friday, January 23, 2009

Must-Haves of 2009

This 2009, we're saying goodbye to neutral, bland tones, and HELLO to bold, flashing articles of color. That's right -- and orange and pink is so no longer the fashion disaster of the world. Bright, loud prints are exactly what we're aiming for here; this season's theme is all about erasing your woes of being the wall flower and spreading the joy that is life!

Also, we hereby confirm that skinny jeans are so yesterday's fashion. What's in now are colored leggings and sheer fabrics (think ala '60s, everyone). White nail polish,Oxfords, and even metallic makeup have made its comeback this year, and (hopefully), its the real deal this time around.

Large, gold and silver bling is also making its way into all the fashion good books of the season -- we're talking funky, LOUD, LARGE statement here, girls!

Pearls and fedoras? All the top dogs of the fashion industry are giving their big thumbs up of approval, and Namelia-J is not ashamed to admit that, hey, we're pretty keen on the idea, too!

Our only exact no-no for this year, however, comes in the form of (what others might call) pretty for your feet. We here at Namelia-J are putting our foot down entirely at the return of... (drum roll, please)


Gladiator shoes

They're big, they're bad, and gosh-darn, they should be returned home to where you found them -- your grandmother's closet. Gladiator shoes -- though deemed a fashion icon this 2009 -- are jumping right into Namelia-J's "NO" list. We are not sure what the rest of the world were thinking when they allowed the comeback of these horrendous flats; but one thing is for certain, you are not going to see one of these here at Namelia-J so very soon.

See, we here at Namelia-J pride ourselves for being one of the very few fashion-followers who make it habit to think for ourselves. Instead of doing what most others are doing (which is going straight with the flow, no matter where said flow is leading you), we pick only what we deem a worthy buy.

While fashion trends come and go depending on whichever season it is, we at Namelia-J are stubborn with our belief that whatever is pretty, STAYS pretty.

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