Thursday, January 29, 2009

Between the Lines

Other people can be really confusing, especially when it comes to crushes and dating. He may constantly text you while you’re neighborhoods, but when it comes to bumping into him in the hallways at school, he hardly even spares you a glance. He might stare at you from across the class for an entire period, but the next day, he gives you the cold shoulder. Maybe you have the sneaking suspicion that your best guy-pal has the hots for you; or maybe your gut is telling you to give your lab partner a wink, since he has been eying you for quite a while; but the thing is, you haven’t got the nerve.

I mean, if he likes you, fine – your gut instincts are the bomb.

--but what if he doesn’t? Talk about total humiliation.

Well, if it helps any, we here at Namelia-J so totally understand your predicament – we, ourselves, have perspired through the nitty-gritty of mixed signals, and we actually sort of know how embarrassing it can be to play in a scene where you’ve read said signals completely wrong!

So, to avoid any potential face-burners, we’ve devised a sort of kind of full-proof method of extracting the interest from the not so interested – the like from the dislike.

Be sure you’ve read through all these body signals before you make your next move:

Notice This!

1. Have you ever been in a conversation where it was only you and your potential new boyfriend? Notice how the trunk of his body seems to be facing your direction. It may not be love entirely, but he is definitely interested enough to give you some attention.

2. Now, I know you don’t often find guys doing this; but when a person you think is interested in you crosses his legs in your direction, your gut feeling is probably on the right track.

3. For him to break the awkwardness by invading your personal bubble means he holds at least some form of fascination in your character. Well, it is either that or he feels comfortable enough in your presence to ignore the absolute lack of private space. Either way – he doesn’t NOT like you.

Physical contact is always a sign of attraction, so if you find him making excuses to touch you regularly (for even the stupidest reasons), he is basically telling you outright that he IS into you.

5. Ever have the awkward suspicion that someone is sizing you up? In regular cases, during eye-contact, a person would scan only your eyes; going briefly from one eye to another – no romantic emotions intended. It becomes another story entirely, however, when the person you are talking to starts moving (from your eyes) to the rest of your face almost in curiosity during an intense one-on-one.

6. The size of someone’s pupil depends on only two things: light and attraction. The darker the room, the larger the guy’s pupil tends to be. Same goes for attraction. So, say you are in a pretty well-lighted area. His pupils seem pretty well dilated, too. Lucky guesses, anyone?

7. Like a cute little puppy, the cute boy in front of you will often tilt his head slightly when addressing your presence – both adorable and a close-to-sure sign of liking you! How much better can it get?

8. Picture me this: you’re in the middle of an intense scene of a major blockbuster flick. Your popcorn is left unattended due to your total focus on the screen. Your jaw hangs. Your eyes are completely drawn to the main character. You’re sitting on the edge of your seat. Just like your reactions in a movie theater, a sure-fire way of telling whether or not you have a guy’s full attention is to notice how closely he sits from the edge of the chair he is sitting on. The closer the better.

Lastly, a full proof sign that this dude so totally digs you are the grooming behaviors you tend to notice whenever the two of you share the same room. And by grooming behaviors, I do mean the fixing of the hair, the straightening of the clothes, and the checking of the teeth. If anything, this guy at least just REALLY wants to make a good impression in front of you.

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