Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make-up for Your Skin Tone

The use of makeup can either make you or break you -- play it safe, and you will forever be the wallflower; but overuse might just portray the wrong impression of you. Depending on your skin tone, the makeup you choose will need to flatter your face and hair. Play up your best features with the right amount of colors, tints and hues for your skin color.

Make-up for Fair Skin...
If you are fair skinned with an undertone of rose; a wise choice would be to take a leaf out of Scarlett Johansson's makeup artist. Fair skinned girls such as yourself look best in sheer colors. By applying earth tones or pastel colors such as lavender or baby blue, you will bring the best out of your eyes.

Various shades of pink will also compliment your skin tone. Stick to shades of black and brown when applying mascara; as that darker tone, as opposed to your layer of light-colored eyeshadow, will give you the "oomph" you need. Light, sheer lipstick gives your look the finishing touch, as well as introduce the world to your youthful, flirty side.

Make-up for Olive Skin Tones...
To be olive skinned, your skin (whether fairly dark or moderately fair) must have an undertone of yellow. Most ethnic people (Latinos, Mediterraneans, Hispanics, etc.) or even those of mixed heritage are olive skinned.

With your darker skin tone, neutral shades as well as dark purple and blue will look great on your eyes. Metallic colors also look remarkable, for (unlike other skin tones), they compliment your skin tone dynamically well.

Highlight your cheekbones with bronzing powder, dark plum, chestnut, or terra-cotta blush -- you'll look fabulous in it! Keep the tones natural and avoid anything too light as the wrong shade may end up making you look a bit on the pasty side.

Lipstick shades that will bring out your lips are berry, plum, russet and almond. Avoid "true" reds, as they will clash with your skin tone.

Our inspiration? The beautiful Jessica Alba.

Make-up for Dark Skin...
Dark skinned people may have their work cut out for them when addressing the right volumes of makeup; so, for this one, we decided to borrow a few pointers from gorgeous Miss Naomi Campbell. For eye shadow; gray, brown and natural shades are your best pick. Also try shimmer colors such as silver, bronze and terracotta when your look calls for that extra punch. Have fun experimenting with various shades of mascara, as well, for almost anything goes with your skin tone.

For blush, more pigment is a must. Deep rose and apricot shades will highlight your cheekbones beautifully, as well as give you that dramatic impression you're looking for. Dark lip colors such as apricot, caramel, blackberry and red are your best choices for they will complement the rest of your ensemble.

A word of warning, however, is to stay as far away as possible from anything with a strong orange base, as this will serve to only flatter your skin tone in the worst ways possible.

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