Thursday, February 19, 2009

Which Trendsetter Are You?

Look at the pictures below and see which of these Hollywood trendsetters appeal to your inner diva. Along with these images, we have also compiled a decently accurate account of the type of personality you tend to show off whenever you’re at the peak of your happiness.

Scream it loud, scream it proud! You’re Katy Perry!
Katy Perry is the fresh Hollywood starlet who seems to have appeared out of virtually nowhere. Her style exudes retro funk; and she’s not afraid to play with sexy numbers and mix matched colors. Just like her music, this hot, new artist is fun and unique. If Katy Perry is your choice trendsetter, the odds are, you LOVE the spotlight. Life is short, so, hey, why not make good use of it?

Its natural beauty all the way for you! You’re Miley Cyrus!
Just like Miley, you’re all about hanging loose and taking it easy. Its not the look that matters most to you, it’s the feeling. If you’re not comfortable with the way you dress, then, most likely, you aren’t going to be wearing that same outfit twice. If your choice trendsetter is Miley Cyrus, its possible that you’d pick a good day lazing around at home instead of a hectic day out with your friends.

The best thing about being a girl is dressing like one – you’re Taylor Swift!
Demure and oozing with feminity, you’re a lot like the beautiful Taylor Swift! Your style is sweet, sensual, and all but chaotic. While others might take the lyrics of a loud rock song to heart, you always see the optimistic side in life. In justification of her music, Taylor (and you!) is a class A romantic – what others may consider, “normal”, you are able to see as beautiful and special in its own way.

Break the barriers of silence and drench yourself in music! You’re Demi Lovato!
Aside from her acting with the Jo Bros, Demi Lovato is looked at for her great taste in style. Like her sultry, rockin’ vocals, Demi twists a take at your average outfit with loads of accessories – belts, hats, tights, bangles; you name it! Bold, but never over the top, she is nonetheless sweet when you sit her down and have a long chat with her. Jump in celebration and belt out those tunes – you’re just like her!

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