Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol: Adam Lambert Vs. Kris Allen

The countdown begins to the crowning of this season’s American Idol and battling for gold this year are two tremendously different artists – rock singer Adam Lambert, 27, from Sandiego; and guy-next-door Kris Allen, 23, fresh from Arkansas.

Who’s going to beat the odds and win ‘em all? We don’t have the answers!

However, psychotic fans that we are, we will serve you with predictions as to who we THINK has the American vote in the form of (my personal favourite pastime) a debate session.

Allow me to introduce to you Psychotic Fan #1, Namelia-J’s very own Tech Geek, Hajer!



I’ve been following Idol since it first premiered on Malaysian television, and I have to say, this year’s serving tops all! I’ve never heard a better, more deserving cast of contestants in one season; and that’s the truth!

To be honest, I think both Kris and Adam should win! YES!

Just like Kris and Adam themselves have said, they’re both totally different artists, they both have two distinctly different styles, and, therefore, put together, they can’t be judged or compared. What it really boils down to is what the listener prefers.

Since auditions and, thus, throughout, I primarily had my votes on Adam because, honestly, I never actually realized Kris was even there – not until top 9, atleast. But, hey, we can all thank American Idol for that. After all, with such little screen time in his favour, who can blame a man from getting the hype he truly deserves?

All in all, I totally think that they both are winners.

If only Idol could call it a two way win for a change - that would be kick-awesome! I love Kris and Adam so much and I’m sure they would both make great, top selling albums. In fact, I'd be the first in line to buy their albums when they release.

So, whoever wins tomorrow doesn’t really matter. All the winner pretty much wins is the title of “who has the more obsessive fanbase” instead of who actually sings better because they are both seriously great at what they do.

Left to themselves, they are all ready Idols, in my opinion.

Kradam for the win.

And, speaking on behalf of the neutral party who just recently began taking interest in this amazing fad, the amazing, wonderful, genius that is I, N. Hannah, the Namelia-J Editor!

Before we begin, I’d like to stress on the fact that I am today acting as the neutral party in today’s debate. I’ve only started watching from the top 4, I think, but have been kept very-much up-to-date as to who has been singing what and how they’ve been doing and so on – all thanks to my sister, Hajer (or Psychotic Fan #1), of course.

To be honest, in terms of musical ability and overall performance, my vote would have to be Adam Lambert.

I’m not a fan of rock music all that much, and I must say that after a while his screaming does tend to get incredibly boring – but even then you have to admit, he pulls off every song you throw at him profoundly (if not a tad predictably).

In other words, what I mean to say is: he sings great. If it’s your first time seeing him or listening to him sing, he would definitely amaze you.

But if you’ve followed the show from day one and if you’ve heard one or two of his performances, then, basically, you heard them all – rock week, country week, any genre on any week, this guy is bound to pull the same trick: hit a few high notes and scream the rest out.

There you go. Awesome.

Kris, on the other hand, is, like the judges have often said, the dark horse of the competition.

Top 13 and you hardly even notice him.

Top 11 and it piques your interest as to why he’s still safe and in the running.

Then, out of the blue, Top Downloads week comes on and this random dude sitting behind his piano mesmerizes you with his intense rendition to, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

Simply put, Kris Allen has had his ups and downs. Often times when the judges expect him to be sent back, he shocks all and keeps going.

He may not have as much musical prowess as competitor Adam Lambert, but this guy certainly does know how to keep his audience guessing.

We’ve basically seen everything Lambert has to offer, but something tells me that Kris’ best has yet to come.

In conclusion?

This is a tough one. Adam seems to be in the lead, but Kris is never without some surprises up his sleeve.

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